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I have fairly extensive records of PINK, DIGWEED and HOGSFLESH surnames of which you can download my Descendant files for each of these. To gain more information look at my surnames list. Also available for download is my GEDCOM file for the whole tree or you can email me for further information.

My Pinks History

Not only can progress be made by contacting others who are researching the same surnames and exchanging information, but also, and probably the best way, is to speak to living relatives and gleen as much information from them as you can. I find it is useful to remind them of things and that usually prompts them to remember other things. An index of surnames in my tree is provided.

You can also visit my detailed page on how to research your ancestry and what your surname really means.

My earliest proven Pink ancestor is Robert Pink who lived in Froxfield, Hampshire and was born approx 1755. His wife was Olive Baker born in Froxfield approx 1755, they were married in Froxfield on 02/07/1783.

They had several children one of them being John Pink born 07/02/1786 in Froxfield and who moved to Colemore. His wife was Anne Vincent, born in Colemore in 1785, they were married in Colemore on 26/11/1807.

They had several children, the youngest being William born 08/03/1829 in Colemore (Colmer), but who lived in Newton Valence. He married a Charlotte Digweed on 04/11/1856 and they had 7 Children, all born in Newton Valence.

I decended from Albert Pink their oldest child who was born on 12/10/1857, I don't know much about the other children except that were all born between 1857 and 1875.Albert married Emma Norgate on 15/10/1881. Together they had four children.

It looked like Albert moved about beacause his first child Arthur Frank was born in Priors Dean in 1883, his second child William Thomas, I can't find out where he was born, although I think it was Newton Valence in 1886, and third child Frederick George and his fourth child Charles Stanley were both born in Farringdon in 1890 and 1894 respectively.

Arthur Frank being the oldest son got called up to fight in the first world war where he lost a leg, being called up necessitated him moving to London. It was there that he met Nellie Ada Hall and they married on 28/10/1908 and they had three children.

Their oldest son Arthur Reginald, (my grandad) married Caroline Ann Martin on 19/09/1936 and they had one son. They eventually retired and moved to Worthing and then moved to near where my father lived in Pamber Heath (nr Tadley).

My father Brian Pink married my mother Ann Yvonne Johnson and they eventually moved out of London to Blackwater, Surrey where myself and my brother were born. My parents then moved to Silchester, Berkshire and my mother now lives in Four Marks Hampshire.

Both my brother and I now live in Basingstoke and I married Nicola Lorrette Corr on 19/09/1998 and we had a baby girl Laura Ann born on 26/06/1999.

Strangely enough not long after my mother moved to Four Marks she bumped into some Pinks who lived half a mile down the road and it turns out that they decended from one of my grandad's uncles, Frederick George, and they still keep in touch with the Pinks who decended from one of my grandad's other uncles, William Thomas. It's amazing that after all these years, events have done a full circle and we all live within 15 miles of each other. My grandad's other uncle Charles Stanley must have died very young because I cannot find any records of him anywhere other than his baptism certificate.

I do have a lot more information on a lot more of the Pinks who branch off from this tree, especially William Thomas and Frederick George and I would be happy to share it with anyone who wants to contact me via email.

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