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This site has been put together to help assist others in searching
for their family roots on the same surnames that I have researched.

This site currently contains 1837 people with 347 different surnames

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Family History and Genealogy

The purpose of this site is to help others research their family trees and to try and solve some of the problems contained in doing it.

This site focuses mainly on the county of Hampshire in England, but also makes reference to other counties in the vacinity.

Currently this site has 1150 people with 238 different surnames, if you are able to either contribute to existing data or add new data it would be greatly appreciated.

One of the ways that progress can be made is to try to find others researching the same line, this will enable research to be shared. The Surname List page will enable a visitor to compare what he or she knows with what information I have already gathered.

You can also visit my detailed page on how to research your ancestry and what your surname really means.


If what you are looking for is not displayed on this site then I may have more information available which can be emailed to you. Also I am happy to do lookups from various indexes available to me.

World Wide Web Links

The World wide web is probably the biggest single source of information available to you and you should spend time visiting the various genealogical sites. I have put together a list of sites that I have found useful and therefore you probably will.

Mailing Lists

There are many Genealogy Mailing Lists available, one of which will enable you to correspond with people having similar interests.

Join the PINK mailing list to discuss and share information regarding the Pink surname and variations (e.g., Pinke, Pinck) in any place and at any time.

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